KAIKObase version 4.3.0: Nov-02-2022
  1. New genome assembly and new predicted gene models of Nichi01 strain are now available at BLAST search form BLAST search and genome browser Genome Browser.
KAIKObase version 4.2.0: Mar-12-2022
  1. New genome assembly and new predicted gene models of another Bombyx mori strain (Nichi01 strain) is now available at Download page (The new data will be available at search forms and genome browser later).
KAIKObase version 4.1.2: Oct-23-2020
  1. The expression data (TPM) with log conversion in description pages were modified to provide log10 conversion of TPM values with an offset of 1 (for avoiding negative values).
KAIKObase version 4.1.1: Sep-09-2020
  1. Description pages were modified by adding one more tab of expression data (TPM) with log10 conversion.
KAIKObase version 4.1.0: Sep-03-2020
  1. Enabled HTTPS access to KAIKObase (accessible by https://kaikobase.dna.affrc.go.jp/).
  2. Access to previous URL (http://kaikobase.dna.affrc.go.jp/) will automatically redirect to a HTTPS version of the site.
KAIKObase version 4.1.0: Jul-22-2020
  1. Descriptions (InterPro IDs, Gene Ontology terms, best hit in NCBI nr database) for new gene models, reference transcripts, China gene models, FLcDNA, and Gene set A were added/updated for keyword search.
  2. Incorrectly shown descriptions of keyword search result were fixed.
  3. "Related articles" for curated genes were added.
KAIKObase version 4.0.1: Jul-09-2020
  1. Fixed internal errors in BLAST Search when blastx or tblastx selected.
  2. BLAST sequence alignment information (BLAST+ output format by -outfmt 0 option) is available in a link from BLAST search result page and in a download zip file.
KAIKObase version 4.0.0: Dec-27-2019
  1. New silkworm genome assembly and new predicted gene set (Kawamoto et al., 2019) are available in BLAST search, genome browser, and keyword search.
  2. Functional annotation of each predicted gene is available by clicking on the gene in genome browser (shown as New Gene Model (2017)) and click "Description page."
  3. Genes related to detoxification and silk production, as well as target genes of pesticides, are manually curated.
  4. Previous gene sets and full-length cDNA (FLcDNA) mapped on the new genome assembly are available in the genome browser and keyword search.
  5. Existing BAC-ends, Fingerprint Contigs (FPC), and SNP markers mapped on the new genome assembly are available in the UnifiedMap and genome browser.
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